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You could give your children all the 'things' in the Dunya but if you are not giving them the Deen, then you are not giving them anything at all. #IslamicParenting #islamicOnlineUniversity #BilalPhilips #quran #islam #Allah #love


When Cat Stevens/Yusuf smiled at us all & spoke of Mohammed as "the Last Prophet" I hadn't heard that til then...and with a smile one, I see this 2 months almost to the day 14.11.16 ~ I live; I learn.


#273 The Quran 06:107 (Surah al-An'am) "But if Allah had willed, they would not have associated. And We have not appointed you over them as a guardian, nor are you placed in charge of them."


ALLAH (SWT) listens to all our prayers. There is never a No. ALLAH has His own Timing and His timing is the Best!


The bible, the quran. People belonging to these religions will most likely protest but blame for the actions of fanatics can and should be placed on these religions. Christianity and islam both have doctrine that inspires hatred, misogyny and violence all in the name of their god. The really sickening part is that such acts are thought of as right and good if done for their god


"On the Day when #Allah will resurrect them all and inform them of what they did; Allah has recorded it while they forgot it; and Allah is, over all things, #Witness." #Quran 58:6 #islam #islamic #reminder #islamicpost #JudgementDay #YaumAlQiyamah


"Whether you reveal a thing or conceal it, indeed #Allah is ever, of all things, Knowing." #Quran 33:54 #islam #islamic #reminder #quotes #taqva


#251 The Quran 57:06 (Surah al-Hadid) He merges night into day, and He merges day into night; and He has full Knowledge of the secrets of all hearts.


The Qur'an and Science: The Qur'an and Science: 06. The Sun will Extinguish: The light of the sun is due to a chemical process on its surface that has been taking place continuously for the past five billion years. It will come to an end at some point of time in the future, when the sun will be totally extinguished, leading to extinction of all life on earth. Regarding the impermanence of the sun’s existence, the Qur’an says: وَالشَّمْسُ تَجْرِيْ لِمُسْتَــقَرٍّ لَّهَا ۚ ذٰلِكَ تَــقْدِيْرُ…