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Dap 18360 White DAP Dynaflex 3.0 All Purpose Sealant, Multicolor

Dap 18360 White DAP Dynaflex All Purpose Sealant, Multicolor

Sno-Seal Welt Seal All Purpose Sealant And Protectant -

VT-201 All Purpose Sealant A one component, versatile, acetic cure silicone sealant formulated for general purpose glazing and sealing applications where long term reliability is required. It will bond to form a durable, flexible, waterproof seal on many common wet area building materials. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Loctite 5.5 fl. oz. White 2-in-1 Seal and Bond All-Purpose Sealant (12-Pack)

White One Seal and Bond All-Purpose Sealant from Loctite is a premium grade water-based caulk designed to have the strength of an adhesive.

Mod Podge is an all-in-one glue, sealer and finish. Can be used for SO MANY awesome projects! Available at The RC on Main for $6.25 (8 oz. bottle)


Red Devil 9 oz. Advanced All-Purpose Sealant, Clear

Get the 9 oz. Advanced All-Purpose Sealant all-weather MaxFlex technology prevents cracking and shrinking from The Home Depot

One of my garden "gazing" balls. I made this using an old bowling ball for the base. I spray painted it a copper color and glued on flat marbles using a clear all purpose silicone sealant. It sits in my garden all summer, but I store it in the shed in the winter due to the cold freezing climate I live in.