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"Ever hear of the All Blue?" What you don't know that wondrous ocean? In those waters..."


Tell me they're hugging. These sharks are definitely hugging... National Geographic Your Shot | Photo by Dordo Brnobic


Stop the wars #EXO #BTS. I love both very much<--yes yes yes yes <--- I won't lie, I do get salty with exols sometimes, but not all exols ate obnoxious, and not all armys are either. Let's all support each other!


Ocean Unit; Day One Introduce the 5 oceans poem to the class and show the classroom where the 5 oceans are located are on the map. For closer to the unit: Hand out a worksheet that has the world globe on it without the oceans labeled and have the students color and label all 5 oceans.


Allow students to practice identifying and labeling the continents and oceans with this fun, cooperative game! All you need is a set of dice for each group of 2-4 players and a writeable blank world map for each student. Students just roll a die or dice and label either the continent or ocean that corresponds with the number rolled.


Ocean JasperAlso known as orbicular jasper is of the earth element and is known as the Atlantis stone. Ocean jasper was discovered in Madagascar and that is said to be connected with Atlantis.This circular patterns of ocean jasper symbolizes the connection of us all and reminds us that nature is it cyclical, fluid and rhythmical. In a healing capacity it works on the endocrine, glandular and immune system It is also beneficial for circulation and the digestive system.Metaphysical…