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from ArchDaily

Makoko Floating School / NLE Architects

[Makoko, Nigeria] The coastal community of Makoko, a slum neighborhood, off the Lagos Lagoon in Lagos, Nigeria, is receiving an upgrade to its current solution, which is building homes supported on stilts within the lagoon’s waters.  NLE Architects, with sponsoring from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Heinrich Boell Foundation from Germany, designed the Makoko Floating School, phase one of a three-phase development ...


Magazine - Paintings by Njideka Akunyili

We are enjoying the work of Nigerian-born artist Njideka Akunyili this morning. Using acrylic, collage, charcoal, colored pencil, and even Xerox trans...

from The Huffington Post

Gorgeous Photos Of Nigeria's Past Aim To Dissolve Stereotypes

These Vintage Photos Recount Nigeria's History, Dissolving Stereotypes Along The Way Smithsonian Institution


-----দখন কভব হতযর দয় সদ যবরজর মতযদণড করযকর কর হল ----- সদ আরবর রজধন রয়দ হতযর দয় মঙগলবর এক যবরজর মতযদনড করযকর কর হয়ছ তর নম পরনস তরক বন সদ আল-কবর তন বছর আগ রজধন রয়দ এক সদ নগরকর সঙগ ঝগড়র একপরযয় এই যবরজ তক গল কর হতয কর দশটর সবরষটর মনতরণলয় একথ জনয়ছ বরত সসথ এএফপর তলক অনযয় চলত বছর সদ যবরজক নয় জনর মতযদনডদশ করযকর কর হল পরতনধর জনন দশটর রজ পরবরর সদসযদর মতযদনড করযকরর ঘটন বরল সবরষটর মনতরণলয় এক ববতত জনয় যবরজ তর সবদশ এক বযকতক গল কর হতযর অভযগ দষ সবযসত হয়ছন সরকর সকলর নরপতত ও নযয়বচর নশচতর বযপর বদধপরকর সদ…

What Nigeria polytechnic graduates must do to equal Bachelor degree holders To end the disparity between polytechnic and university graduates the Federal Government will soon introduce a National Vocational Qualification Framework NVQF. Margaret Ladipo the Rector of Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) announced the plan at the 30th pre-convocation news briefing on Wednesday in Lagos. Ms. Ladipo said that the framework was still being formulated by the National Board for Technical…

Ex FCT Minister defects to APC A former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory FCT Aliyu Modibbo has defected from the Peoples Democratic Party PDP to the All Progressives Congress APC.Mr. Modibbo was a founding member of the Peoples Democratic Party which has ruled Nigeria for 16 years. The former minister registered to become a member of the APC last Saturday at the partys office in his ward in Kumo West of Akko Local Government Area of Gombe State. Mr. Modibbo served as Minister…