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Cut through everything! The verdancy has arrived! by on @deviantART (Leafeon)

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Venusaur & Bulbasaur & Hoppip & Shroomish & Budew & Cottonee & Oddish & Petilil & Foongus & Pansage & Sewaddle & Snivy & Chespin & Sunkern

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Grass-Type Pokemon (Gen 1-5) by Michelle Simpson. #deviantart #StarterPokemon

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Hmm, Torchic or Cyndaquil. (I have a thing for fire-type Pokemon) <- Same here. Probably Charmander or Cyndaquil. <-- Same here! I love all the starters, but i have a thing for fire types. I mean, i like snivy and oshawott better that tepig, but i would choose cydaquil as my starter

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Awesome Character Designs by Quirkilicious

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