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All Good Things (2010)

this movie was reallly intense did not see any of it coming to be honest . it kinda really scared me

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ATTENTION Guys who are here for my Star Wars content: I changed my mind and decided it's too important not to have it's own board. So follow my board. Same for Hamilton followers

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Movie/tv show<< I feel like it is a toss up for most of the actors. Both actors for the show and movie have certain qualities that make them good for their character but they all lack something that their counterpart has

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10 Books to Read If You Love 'Sherlock Holmes'

Calling all fans of Sherlock Holmes! Check out these 10 brilliant mysteries worth reading.

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And this is proof of why I still have no love for Snape. And am annoyed and the film makers for painting snapes character in more positive light.

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Ugh I really hate Logan

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I'm crying...rouge one is so good!! {Jyn and Cassian} Spoiler sorry

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