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Bow Ring 10k Gold Sapphire 6.5

This is a very unique style bow with two large 5 mm sapphires accented by a 1mm sapphire in the center. This ring will rake in the compliments and catches the light perfectly. This is a pre-owned item with some minor scuff and scratches. Stamped 10K CIC Weight: 2.6 g Size: 6.5 Stone: 2 5mm sapphires and 1mm Metal: 10k Gold Disclaimer: All gems are tested with the Presidium Gem Tester and are identified as such in the listing. However, differentiating between natural gems and synthetic gems…

Force fusion child ;-; she only turned out humanoid because she's made of tons of teeny tiny slivers of gems, so they fused together easier. She's quiet and reserved, and hangs around long empty temples. She knows lots of gems would gag at the sight of her, and she tries her best to avoid all gem life if possible. Sometimes she can see glimpses of what the gems that make her up saw, or nightmares about how they were killed so...she just doesn't sleep.... (RP?)

50 Periwinkle Blue Mini Glass gems Floral Vase Fillers

50 mini glass gems. Gems range in size from 3/8 to 9/16 in size. All gems have flat bottoms. Picture does not do gems justice. Gems are

Gem-quality corundum is a highly prized and valuable material. When it is bright red in color it is called "ruby." When it is blue it is called "sapphire." When colorless it is called a "white sapphire." Gem-quality corundum of any other color is called "fancy sapphire." In the past, most gem corundum was produced in Asia and Australia. In the 1990s, many gem corundum discoveries were made in Africa. All of the stones in this photo were mined in Africa. Nearly all gem corundums are treated…


Ruby 9 x 7 mm 12 Sided Oval Sunglitz Cut Mozambique Gem-Weighs 2.50 Carats-INTENSE COLOR & SATURATION-Near Tranparent-July Birthstone

Ruby is part of the corundum family of gemstones (sapphire is the only other gemstone in this group). It is considered the King of all Gems and rightly…