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Bulgari: a history of style

Perhaps one of the most famous jewellery suits of all time: the Bulgari Seven Wonders emerald necklace, with the matching diamond and emerald earrings and a Bvlgari emerald ring thrown in for good measure. Worn by Elizabeth Taylor, Gina Lollobrigida and Monica Vitti to name just a few celebrities. Discover the fashion history of the most iconic and classic of jewellery brands to date: #jewelry

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Wandering Star Ring

Wandering Star Ring by Morphe Jewelry


GO GEM MINING:DIY gem mining areas. Small mining fee but you get to keep whatever you find and there are places to go all over the US. Definitely something to do with the girls.


Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels.This stunning rubellite center stone is accented with surrounding rubies totaling over seven carats. Framed by a row of white diamonds, the top gem surprisingly opens up to reveal a secret compartment. All gems on this impressive piece is expertly set in hand sculpted 18k rose gold.


The world's rarest gem is believed to be painite, a gem that most have never even heard of. Rarity does not equate to beauty in gems, however. The painite is an orangish or reddish brown, with the brown tint coming from iron in the crystal. It was first discovered in Burma in the 1950s and was widely considered to be the rarest of all gems, with only two faceted crystals in existence.


A SAPPHIRE, RUBY, DIAMOND AND ENAMEL BROOCH BY GIULIANO A sapphire, ruby, diamond and enamel brooch by Giuliano, with a central round brilliant-cut diamond, flanked by a round faceted ruby to one side and a round faceted sapphire to the other, all gems set within a decorative scrolled openwork blue and white enamel frame, overall measurements approximately 37 x 15 mm, circa 1860, gross weight 5.6 grams, slight restoration to enamel.


MD-33618 - Zoisite (Var: Tanzanite) - - Archived Merelani Hills (Mererani), Lelatema Mts, Arusha Region, Tanzania thumbnail, 1.6 x 1.1 x 0.9 cm A stunning GEM CRYSTAL, complete all around. Not just gemmy, mind you, but GEM QUALITY throughout. 17.26 carats. ALL cutting rough....


A Great Way To Store Your Stones - This is also an easy way to put them out for charging on a full moon night, and an excellent excuse to buy a box of chocolates! ;)


Ammolite. To me, this is one the most spectacular gems out there. It's a relatively new stone from Canada, formed when certain creatures like ammonites fossilized.