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'Charlie Bit My Finger' Viral Video Nets Family $158,000

'Charlie Bit My Finger' video has over 400 million views and nets family $158,000, thus far. (link to Time Mag article)

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Man muss nicht gleich alles wegwerfen

Man muss nicht gleich alles wegwerfen | Webfail - Fail Bilder und Fail Videos

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HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA! It's so funny because after watching that and seeing him perform live in videos, I sometimes end up making those faces while I'm singing on COMPLETE ACCIDENT!

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Pretty much all healers

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Oh god...... all the old gym leaders are comin for us guys.......

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This is so true omg. Whenever I'm watching one of their videos with one of my friends (I force them to watch them) they Always ask who's who and I'm like "it's really not that hard to tell the difference" and they look at my funny and I'm like "what?" Lol I'm so weird

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So there really is

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funny my chemical romance | my chemical romance funny pictures - Google Search << 'Satanic Cult'

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