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I'm not sure this makes you that happy when you are reading certain books that leave you mentally broken, but otherwise, yes


theresetgirl: Day 1: My Vision Board. After making a board I LOVED for 2017, I decided to photograph it, resize it and print it for my Aqua @carpediemplanners. I am crazy about this!


Next step will probably be it's not workable at all... I watched a doc about the consequences of a fence built by a previous administration, a lot of people lost their land or big chunks of it. Reality isn't always as rosy as a promise, but we'll see.

"I know how this all ends. Your ark? Your grand vision? Just as you're about to accomplish everything you desire, your wife is murdered. And in total despair, you even try to kill your own daughter. An entire city rises up against you. And then you die. Defeated. Alone" - Sara and Damien Darhk #LegendsOfTomorrow


Ocular migraines are painless, temporary visual disturbances that can affect one or both eyes. Click to learn more!


Setting up a Family Vision Statement & How it Will Help Your Kids


What's the difference between a 'mission' and a 'vision'? What makes a 'purpose' different from a 'goal'? Award-winning author and strategist Marty Neumeier has developed a simple hierarchy to keep you straight.


Here’s What You Can Do About Spending Hours Staring At The Computer Screen

Finally into the real world! No more sitting in on lectures, no more stress over homework and no more textbooks! As college ended, a cushy desk job greeted me with open arms. I now have a funny boss, nice salary and free coffee all day. But there is


I love bash with all my heart but now Francis is going to get the wrong idea because he doesn't know anything about Nostradamus' vision. I'm hoping that Francis and bash don't fight though because as much as I love TVD, I don't want Reign to turn out like that. Mary would be Elena 2.0 and one Elena is more than enough #sorrynotsorry Does anyone else watch The Vampire Diaries?


The Muggle's Guide to The Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

The Muggle's Guide to the Harry Potter Studio Tour | Harry Potter fans unite! It's time to geek out in London at the Harry Potter Studio Tour and celebrate the best fandom in the world! Click to read all about my experience and see photos from the actual movie sets or pin it and save it for later. | London Travel | Geek Travel: