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33 Most Beautiful Places in Italy

Lake Como, Italy Have picture of my mother and cousins in the family palazzo on Lake Como...

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44 Tips for Traveling in Italy

A lifestyle/fashion/travel blog dedicated to proving that women can be stylish & interested in fashion without sacrificing their academic legitimacy.

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8 Italian Castle Hotels That Are a Fairytale Come True

Once upon a time, you were sitting in your office cubicle daydreaming about what it would be like to be a king or queen. But today, you can turn that fairytale reverie into reality, thanks to Italy. The boot-shaped country happens to be home to some of the most spectacular castles-turned-hotels in the world (and here, you thought it was all ruins). To help you get a taste of the finer life, we’ve compiled a list of eight Italian castle hotels that merit the word “wow.”

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How to Order Food in Italy

Italy is all about food. It is one of the greatest pleasures during a trip to Italy. There are a few things that are a little bit different in a restaurant than what you might be used to. Here are our tips for how to order food in Italy.

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5 Things to Do in Lake Como

Italy's Lake Como is one of the most relaxing places to visit in Europe. Here's five things to do in Lake Como on your vacation there!

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10 Things You Absolutely Must Do When You Are In Florence

10 Things You Absolutely Must Do When You Are In Florence Planning a trip to Italy this year? Or maybe just fantasizing about it (as I do all day long!) Check out my list of things you absolutely MUST do when you are in one of my favorite towns in the whole world, beautiful, unforgettable Florence

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Italy Culture Map

'I' is for Italy in the alphabetical countries worksheets! Learn all about Italy with this download. #geography #EuropeanCountries #Italy

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Italy Booklet (A Country Study!)

This "All About Italy" booklet can be used for a very basic country study in lower elementary grades! Just print out the pages, have kids cut alon...

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15 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Italy

The Cross - San Galano Abbey, Tuscany | Igor Menaker Photography I've put as many as I could on our list for this time but plenty more to explore some other time

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