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Color By Element Poster for Review or Assessment of Metal Nonmetal and Metalloid

Use this activity for reviewing or assessing your students understanding of elements on the periodic table. Print it out as a LARGE poster or on a single page. Students have fun while classifying elements based on their grouping as a metal (alkali, alkaline earth, transition, inner transition, and poor metals), nonmetal (halogens and noble gases), and metalloids. They will LOVE it!


Doc Marten boots

Doc Marten boots Metallic purple/silver doc martens. USA 8. They were so expensive when I bought them and now they just sit in my closet. I've worn them maybe twice. The material the shoes are made out of are water resistant, oil resistant, fat resistant, acid resistant, petrol resistant, alkali resistant. 35$ is more than a steal for how much I originally paid for these babies. Dr. Martens Shoes Combat & Moto Boots


Bubble Camera Music Bubble Camera Machine Toy with Bubble Solution for Kids Outdoor and Indoor Bubble Fun Toys Gift $14.66 Material: plastic, metal, electronic components(keep dry) Color: red; size: 12cm*8.5cm*9cm Requires common battery not strong alkali battery. Not Included. Function: interest training, parent-child communication, emotional, hands-on brain, interactive toys, grip, hand-eye coordination and other capacity-building, visual. Recommended for Ages 3 & up.

Rust-Oleum® 10 Year Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating is a metallic pigmented coating used for rust-proofing and weatherproofing metal roofs and sidewalls, and as a reflective coating for built-up roofing and modified bitumen roof systems. It reflects heat, prevents corrosion and protects against mild acid and alkali fumes on a variety of substrates. This reflective coating protects low and steep slope roofs from harmful UV damage while supporting overall energy efficiency.

Hipster Science : The Alkali Metals

Hipster Science : The Alkali Metals

Reaction (Explosion) of Alkali Metals with Water - YouTube

Lithium. Lithium (from Greek lithos 'stone') is a chemical element with symbol Li and atomic number 3. It is a soft, silver-white metal belonging to the alkali metal group of chemical elements. Under standard conditions it is the lightest metal and the least dense solid element. Like all alkali metals, lithium is highly reactive and flammable. For this reason, it is typically stored in mineral oil.


Compounds of Bismuth