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Henry Clay Frick (December 19, 1849 – December 2, 1919) was founder of H. C. Frick & Company, chairman of Carnegie Steel, and a major player in the formation of U.S. Steel. He also financed the Pennsylvania and Reading Railroads, and owned real estate throughout the state of Pennsylvania. He was known for his anti-union polices and his actions in the Homestead Steel Strike in 1892 where nine workers were killed. The anarchist Alexander Berkman attempted to murder him.


On this day in 1919, Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman were deported from the US alongside 247 fellow worker activists, anarchists and radicals on board the S.S. Buford bound for Russia. More information about this and what led up to it in Goldman's fantastic autobiography: Pictured: radicals await deportation

A drawing from Harper’s Weekly of Alexander Berkman attempting to assassinate Henry Clay Frick, 1892. On This Day in Pittsburgh History: July 23, 1892


Union Square Crowd 1914 in Union Square in New York City. Pictured is a crowd listening to an anarchist speaker. (from Old Picture of the Day blog)


Russian Revolution 1917

Peasants did have some rights; village governments regulated many aspects of life. Most peasants remained poor and illiterate; they paid high taxes and performed extensive labor services in agriculture, mining, and manufacturing.