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Bourbon-Soaked Cherries

This Bourbon-Soaked Cherries recipe is super-easy to make, naturally-sweetened, and the perfect addition to your favorite cocktails. |


These Booze-Infused Fruit Kabobs Are Part Cocktail, Part Appetizer

Strawberries soaked in rum, triple sec, and a splash of fresh lime juice then dipped in white chocolate and sparkling sugar. Strawberry Daiquiri Bites are perfect for picnics, parties, bachelorette celebrations, and more! Unique shots.


10 Things You Need To Soak In Alcohol That Aren't Gummy Bears


Liquor Soaked Chocolate Covered Cherries

Good gift for Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, heck ANY DAY! . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a fruit dessert in under 120 minutes by cooking with chocolate, jar, and fondant. Recipe posted by Jean. Difficulty: Simple. Cost: Steps...

vodka-soaked watermelon aka "Drunken Watermelon"! Ingredients: 1 bottle of Vodka (One 1.14 litre bottle) {really an alcohol} 1 Watermelon (Large) Instructions: Cut a hole into the top of the watermelon. Put the vodka into the hole and let it soak in the watermelon overnight. Cut the top off the watermelon and get ready to be hammered. I'm doing this for 4th of July - festive!!