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Alcohol-related dementia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The effect of 12-week open-label memantine treatment on cognitive function improvement in patients with alcohol-related dementia | International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology

8 Ways to Clear a Stuffy Nose: Breathe Better

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Never have I seen more irrational behavior then the crazy shit posted today. Don't ever try to help a person that is beyond helping. Scary crazy behavior! One persons sick reality causes fifty other people including their kids to just shake their heads in disbelief. This is why a negative word will ever need to be spoken. It speaks all for itself.

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People who have been drinking large amounts of alcohol for long periods of time run the risk of developing serious and persistent changes in the brain. Damage may be a result of the direct effects of alcohol on the brain or may result indirectly, from a poor general health status or from severe liver disease.

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