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TIL Alaska was never meant to be separated from the rest of the United States but would be linked when British Columbia also joined. Instead the Alaska Purchase compelled British Columbia to join the Canadian Confederation 3 months later.

Alaska Purchase (1967) | USPS Stamps, 100th Anniversary of the Alaska Purchase

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Untold Story of Alaska Purchase: Why Did Russia Sell Its Stronghold to US?

Untold Story of Alaska Purchase: Why Did Russia Sell Its Stronghold to US? / Sputnik International

FREE Government Worksheets~ From the Alaska Purchase to Abe Lincoln, this site has a wealth of social studies downloadables. One catch, only the first worksheet in each category is free. Still, lots to choose from!

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Painting: “Signing the Alaska Treaty of Cessation” by Emanuel Leutze (from left to right: Robert S. Chew, U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward, William Hunter, Mr. Bodisco, Russian Ambassador Baron de Stoeckl, Charles Sumner, Fredrick W. Seward). Source: Wikimedia Commons. Read more on the GenealogyBank blog: “Seward’s Alaska Purchase Not ‘Folly.’”

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Top 10 Mountains In The World For Your World Travel Bucket List

Grand Teton, Wyoming. Link to GGT's list of 10 Unbelievable Mountains For Your World Travel Bucket List

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Alaska Purchase Centennial 1867-1967, USPS Commemorative Envelope and Stamp

Vintage Embroidered Sewing Travel Patch Alaska Purchase Centennial 1867 – 1967

Vintage Embroidered Sewing Travel Patch Alaska Purchase Centennial 1867 – 1967 | Collectibles, Souvenirs & Travel Memorabilia, United States | eBay!

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lesson plan for grades 9-12, debate pros and cons of Alaska acquisition, great resources

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Winchester model 94 Alaska Purchase centennial Afficher l'image d'origineLoading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine speedloader today!

The signing of the Alaska Treaty of Cessation on March 30, 1867. L-R: Robert S. Chew, William H. Seward, William Hunter, Mr. Bodisco, Eduard de Stoeckl, Charles Sumner and Frederick W. Seward. He insisted that by doing so, Russia would avoid any future conflict with the United States, viewing further U.S. expansion in North America as inevitable.

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October 18, 1867: Rule over Alaska transferred from Russia to the United States. Learn more about Alaska and other historic events that have taken place in 1867 with this timeline worksheet.

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Alaska Purchase: Check

Alaska Purchase: Check Giclee Print at

In Opinion: The top 10 anniversaries of 2017


The Alaska purchase during president Andrew Johnson's term. $7.2 million equates to roughly 2 cents per acre. Thanks, Russia!

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How many russians died in WW2? Let us know what do you think in comment bellow 😉 باعت روسيا ألسكا ب 7.2 مليون دولار امريكي فقط، سنة 1867. #factographic #facts #fact #science #design #infographic #arabic #bahasa #russia #us #usa #alaska #purchase #dollar


1867~ William Henry Seward, Secretary of State and one of the targets of the Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy. He had been severely wounded in a knife attack by one of the conspirators. He played a major role in the ALASKA PURCHASE in 1868. Most reaction was favorable but some thought he was foolish and termed the purchase, "Seward's Folly"..guess the last laugh is on them!!!

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