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Alaska Purchase (1967) | USPS Stamps, 100th Anniversary of the Alaska Purchase


The signing of the Alaska Treaty of Cessation on March 30, 1867. L-R: Robert S. Chew, William H. Seward, William Hunter, Mr. Bodisco, Eduard de Stoeckl, Charles Sumner and Frederick W. Seward. He insisted that by doing so, Russia would avoid any future conflict with the United States, viewing further U.S. expansion in North America as inevitable.


George Pomutz (1818 – 1882) was a Romanian officer during the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 against the Habsburgs, a general in the Union Army and a diplomat. He was wounded at the Battle of Shiloh. In August 1864, he commanded the 15th Iowa Infantry in the Battle of Atlanta. He was appointed a brevet brigadier general on March 13, 1865. On February 16, 1866, he was appointed General Consul of the United States in Imperial Russia, where he negotiated the Alaska Purchase.


In 1867 the United States, led by Secretary of State William Seward, purchased the Alaska territory from Russia. After controlling most of the area that is now Alaska from the late 1700s until 1867, Russia sold the territory for $7.2 million dollars. This equals out to roughly two cents per acre. The U.S. gained a new territory of around 600,000 square miles. Alaska was admitted into the union as the 49th state in 1959, also making it the largest state in the United States.


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Michael Augustine Healy (9/22/1839 - 8/301904) was a captain in the US Revenue Cutter Service (later the US Coast Guard). After Seward's Alaska Purchase in 1867, Healy patrolled the 20,000 miles of Alaskan coastline for more than 20 years, earning great respect from the natives and seafarers alike and was known as "Hell Roaring Mike." He has been identified as the first black man to command a ship of the US government, although he identified as Irish American during his lifetime.


Check used for the Alaska Purchase, by Eduard de Stoeckl and William H. Seward

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