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The highly productive habits of Alan Turing

Alan Turing in 1927, from Westcott House photograph ©Sherborne School | @AlanTuringYear | #AlanTuringYear

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“Sometimes it’s the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.” ~ Alan Turing - Quotesville.Net

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Alan Turing's letter to Christopher Morcom's mother. Christopher was Alan's first love, and he died very young. Just 17 when he passed. Alan was heartbroken.

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He cracked a CODE by inventing a machine and now we call the machine a computer which requires CODING to work. Irony.

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Alan Turing: Creator of modern computing

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Just For Fun

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Anything Cumberbatch on

Pls sign this petition @stephenfry campaign & endorsed by @HRC #notjustturing @ImitationGame …

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On March 31, 1952, Alan Turing, computer technology pioneer and breaker of the Nazi Enigma code, was put on trial for homosexual acts. Found guilty and ordered to undergo humiliating hormone therapy, Turing committed suicide two years later.

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Tragic but true - Alan Turing is widely considered to be the father of computer science. In WW II he decrypted German encoded messages. Winston Churchill said that Turing made the single biggest contribution to Allied victory in the war against Nazi Germany. After the war he was tried in court for being gay, found guilty, forced to take castration pills, and then driven to suicide. Britain has apologized. ~Via Pat Whitten

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