Alan #Moore - Saga of the Swamp Thing Vol. 1 - The issues collected here were groundbreaking not just for Moore but for comics as a whole. Swamp Thing was reportedly the first series that abandoned the Comics Code and composed solely for adults, and Moore’s issues created characters like John Constantine and crossover successes like Hellblazer and The Sandman.

Review: Alan Moore's Seminal Swamp Thing Resurfaces

Saga of the Swamp Thing, Book 1 Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, John Totleben

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Alan Moore by Sergio Toppi (Author of The Killing Joke, Watchmen, and other greats).

Cover of the graphic novel which includes all original issues from "Warrior" magazine, interviews and extra content that was originally deemed unnecessary to the main storyline.

V For Vendetta Creator Alan Moore Talks About Anonymous and the Guy Fawkes Mask

V de vendetta - Alan Moore & David Lloyd, publicado entre 1982 y 1988

Watchmen 4 (December 1986) - "Watchmaker" - Art by Dave Gibbons - Words by Alan Moore

Watchmen 4 (December - "Watchmaker" - Art by Dave Gibbons - Words by Alan Moore

Alan Moore - what CAN'T I say about this guy?    The Watchmen is my favourite graphic novel of all time.

V For Vendetta'nın Yazarı Alan Moore’dan Genç Yazarlara Tavsiyeler