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Bruce MacCallum recalls photographing Janis Joplin: Janis Joplin at Atlanta Pop. Having met and shot Janis at a few earlier concerts, it was the first time I saw her so relaxed and happy. I was with my editor Cyn Zarco and friend Jordon. Janis was sitting on the steps of her camper talking with Al Kooper. We all began talking and I asked if we could shoot them together. That led to a few single shots of Janis. She was happy and excited about the groups that were going to be performing.


May 16, 1966 - Dylan’s iconic Blonde On Blonde album was released, reaching No.9 in the US charts and No.3 in the UK. Rock's first double album, and Dylan's seventh studio effort, it was recorded with Al Kooper, Robbie Robertson and Nashville country music session players, and had what Dylan later called ‘that wild mercury sound’.


Bob Dylan in 1966 with The Hawks aka The Band and also Al Kooper. Some people thought Dylan was trying to replicate the Byrds’ folk rock sound with the Band.


Jimi Hendrix (at the drum!) and Al Kooper (Blood Sweet and Tears) - Monterey Pop 'Soundcheck', (1967), Rare!.


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