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The Aids Virus. Enlarge: Толкова красив, а толкова коварен..

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Targeted radioactive bomb might clean out AIDS virus, study finds

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Experimental AIDS vaccine blocks HIV in monkeys

Drug compound protects lab animals against the AIDS virus; will it work in people?

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Bananas Infected With AIDS Virus -

hiv aids virus cell 3d model - HIV cell 1.max... by Apex Visuals

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Crowd, Forearm Shake and AIDS Virus

Nobel Prize Winner Takes Homeopathy Seriously

Noble prize winner & discoverer of the AIDS virus, Luc Montagnier, shows his support for homeopathy: "In addition to the wide variety of basic science evidence and clinical research, further evidence for homeopathy resides in the fact that they gained widespread popularity in the U.S. and Europe during the 19th century due to the impressive results people experienced in the treatment of epidemics that raged during that time, including cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, scarlet fever, and…

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Top 11 Herbal Antibiotics That Can Fight Against Viruses and Bacteria

While people are developing more powerful pesticides, chemicals as well as antibiotics that have actually led to a more powerful variation of viruses and bacteria, nature has come down to saving us again. natural herbs packaged with antidotes could aid to combat against more powerful variations of germs and viruses.

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