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I have been planning on getting this tattoo for years now! On my side though!

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Tattoo #1 agape: Greek for unconditional love; used in the bible to describe God's love for us

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If I were to get a tattoo, this would be it. (Agape is a Greek word meaning unconditional love. In the Bible, it is used to describe God's love for His people.)

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LOVE -- in Greek. Strong's Word 26 -- agapé: love, goodwill Original Word: ἀγάπη, ης, ἡ Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: agapé Phonetic Spelling: (ag-ah'-pay) Short Definition: love Definition: love, benevolence, good will, esteem. // as used in John 15:13, for one

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Agape has to do with the mind: it is not simply an emotion which rises unbidden in our hearts; it is a principle by which we deliberately live. Love by choice.

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Agape tattoo! Agape its Greek for eternal love or selfless love. Infinity symbol as the G.

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