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Never introduced to moi feral Africanized bees, hah! Yet their no slouches, defend house home rob lazy neighbors blind, resist parasites... are survivours

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I'm going to be building a few of these this spring. We have a honey bee colony living in the side of our house. I'm hoping to catch them when they swarm and collect some free honey.

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How to Extract Delicious Fresh Honey from Bee Hive Honey Frames

Skeffling shares the step by step process of how to extract honey from bee hive honey frames. The whole process is actually amazing to see in person if you

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Chapter 8 - Love & Attachment - The queen bee is not only the leadership of the hive, but also the glue holding it together. The honeybees in the colony are literally attached to her, following her commands and catering to her every need. Thus, when she decides it's time to swarm and find a new home, her constituents loyally follow and support her. The hive is divided; the new queen stays and the old queen leaves.

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Waggle Dance

Waggle Dance | How Bees Communicate | Real Facts And Homesteading Ideas by Pioneer Settler at

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A Guide to the Different Types of Honey Bees: Different honey bee races have different pros and cons. Learn more about which may be best for you as you learn how to keep bees. Read more:

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