Affirmative action

Joyce E. Smithey, Esq. advises employers and employees on matters of discrimination, affirmative action, wage and hour issues, restrictive covenants, and sexual harassment.

Tammy Bruce Quote: “Blacks who have not succumbed to the victim culture have been, are and will be doing quite well – all on their own, without handouts, affirmative action and other patronizing measures.”

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An article defending profit in healthcare. It takes a lot of words I have not yet done a critical reading of, but I'm suspect of it's historical narrative, and I just totally disagree with his conclusion. I'll come back to this.

Nas - Affirmative Action Hip Hop. Old School Hip Hop. Underground Hip Hop. Artist. Rap. Real Music. Album Cover. Track. Rhyme. Beats. DJ. MC

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Contemporary differences in political attitudes in part trace their origins to slavery's prevalence. Whites who currently live in Southern counties that had high shares of slaves in 1860 are more likely to identify as a Republican oppose affirmative action and express racial resentment.

With the Supreme Court considering a challenge to the affirmative action policy of the University of Texas, campuses like Michigan are finding new ways to attract minorities.

The Caste System of Ancient India. The caste system organizes division of labour and money in human society. It's a system of social stratification, and a basis for affirmative action.

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Supreme Court Oral Argument Shows How Religious Freedom Claims Have Become Ideologically Charged. Cornell Law professor Michael Dorf discusses yesterday’s oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. and Conestoga Wood Specialty Stores Corp. v. Sebelius, which presented questions over the degree of religious freedom afforded to for-profit corporations.

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The Supreme Court might destroy affirmative action because this white woman’s grades weren’t good enough.

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