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Women's MARC by Marc Jacobs 'Domo Arigato' Zip Pouch

QUICK DIY IDEA: just get a simple canvas zipper pouch and doodle cute tumblr pics on it with a sharpie!(You can also have fun with different colours too) Definitely adds a bit of aesthetic beauty to the bag that can be used as a make-up or pencil container:)

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lowkey wanna go facts about me bc i've already done it like 249029 years ago but i highkey dont want to bc so many ppl have already done it lolz

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Flower Jelly Lipstick

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Legend speaks of a beautiful city called Riverrise, home to a secretive race of people referred to as 'The Ethereals'. These fae-like humans have stayed away from contact with the outside world, and who can blame them? Just recently, a war has broken out between two great civilizations, the Great Glade and the Hive. You are either a Hive member of Great Glade civilian, and it is up to you to find The Ethereals. Comment to join!

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