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Advanced Higher Maths

Learning's a Hoot: Number of the Day This might be ok to use a little later on during the year, or for a Number of the Week assignment. There's a blank template at the end so you can use numbers more appropriate for your grade level (although you might have to re-do some of the wording on the activities).

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Law of Sines and Law of Cosines Maze

This self-checking maze has 11 problems involving the law of sines and the law of cosines. Students will be required to use both to solve for angles and sides of triangles. Answer key is included for easy checking.

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Higher Order Thinking Math in 1st Grade

Higher order thinking activities are so important to stretch students' thinking and have them apply their skills! These questions and tasks were designed specifically with the first grade math standards in mind and there provide a ton of practice with addition, subtraction, place value, geometry, number sense, and more!

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First Grade Math Unit 2: Number Sense, Part Part Whole, Number Bonds, and more

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A little human description of the graph of a quadratic function written in vertex form

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Depth of Knowledge (DOK) 105 Question Stem Cards MATH EDITION

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Identifying Graphs of First and Second Derivatives Activity

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