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This fun activity is a perfect, fun, and quick way to practice working on adjectives.Just print and cut. Place a center or use with groups of 2-4. Students filp over cards until they find a picture and adjectives that describe it.You can also play as "Go Fish" or have students play by holding picture cards against their foreheads and taking turns describing others' pictures using adjectives until each student guesses their own picture.Like this game?

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Ideas for Not Teaching a Boring Adjective Lesson

This post is full of so many different ideas for teaching adjectives in the classroom. I like these adjective game, but the fourth activity is my favorite.

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Adjective Game! I have, Who Has Adjectives

I have, Who has Adjectives Games. Students build vocabulary and grammar skills with this exciting game as they read and select appropriate adjectives to describe nouns!

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Adjective Word Challenge

Adjective Word Challenge A fun way to review parts of speech is with a word challenge! Depending on the level of your students they can work in pairs or individually to complete this challenge. For even more of a challenge have them try to come up with the most unique answers. Enjoy! 2nd grade 3rd grade 5th grade adjectives parts of speech


Download a classroom ready 300 word personality adjectives list. Print out an A3 version and you can use it as a poster, at writing tables and for classroom games.