I saw these ones and I know that it are adidas campus shoes but I can only find them for kids and men so please help me bc they are sooooo cute

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Adidas Campus AS Cardinal Red. I guess these can be "classic", I had some in red when I was about 10 years old

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🔫☘️Green Adidas Campus's: Suede Men's Sz 12🔥🍀 Celtic Green Adidas Campus w/gold writing, Men's 12. They're wicked comfortable, worn maybe 4-5 times max. Haven't been worn in 6 months, and were just cleaned before posting. Didn't need much work but they're a 9/10, maybe 9.5. I don't wear anything but Nike now so don't have much use for em but they're EXTREMELY RARE, price will reflect that but nothing crazy. Adidas Shoes Sneakers

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