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Hot Chocolate Ten Frame Addition

Practice addition to ten with these fun hot chocolate ten frame addition mats! What a fun winter math center for pre-k or Kindergarten!

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Counting Bear Addition Cards

Such a fun addition activity! Work on beginning addition with these free printable counting bear addition cards. They make a great kindergarten math center.

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Paper Plate Addition Game

Make a simple DIY paper plate addition game to help your child practice their addition and even subtraction skills

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Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten : Math- Addition Cups! Cups have holes in them so that the manipulative a drop through. The kids use white board markers to write the numbers.

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On the Shelves Snapshot: Practising Addition with Beads

Simple Addition Activities using Beads - Find engaging hands-on activities for learning each Sunday night on An Everyday Story

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Snap Cubes With Activities to Reinforce Counting, Patterns, Addition and Subtraction. #MathFactFluency #AdditionFacts

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Awesome roll and cover shark game! Such a fun way to work on adding, number recognition and counting. Such a fun summer activity for kids.

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Making Math Fun With Unifix Cubes

See what flashcards mean with unifix cubes or legos! 1+2 means we stack 1 cube on top of 2 stacked cubes--now we have 3 cubes stacked together! 1+2=3. Lay out the flashcards and stack cubes beneath them to make each answer. Use different colored cubes for each math problem. For 1+2 we use 1 white cube and stack beneath it 2 blue cubes to give us the 3 total cubes.

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