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The Difference Between Tantrums and Sensory Meltdowns

If this is your child, you know they're not the same thing. #OT Pinned by StaffRehab


Tips and Tricks for Parents Teaching Kids about Emotions

Play this funny acting game inspired by the movie Inside Out the next time your little one needs to practice reacting positively to a situation. Write several frustrating events on slips of paper, put them in a cup, choose an event, and take turns acting out two possible reactions to the event. One reaction can be funny and irrational, and the other should reflect the more positive choice. Using humor helps kids learn to make smart choices when dealing with life’s little and big…


Great diagram to use counseling with other CBT Tools to help explain the relationship between Thinking, Feeling, and Acting. Perfect for elementary school students. Concrete and easy to use.


Random Acts of Classroom Kindness Student Activity Cards

These 32 kindness task cards are a great way to promote kindness and regard within the school and beyond. Rotate the cards weekly to encourage kindness for the entire school year. This is one of my favorite classroom activities - one of the most rewarding and fulfilling as a teacher. Use them with a kindness bulletin board, an acts of kindness chart, or with individual student desk or table pockets. $


Using My Words, A beginning language app to teach talking


Our go to books to talk about service, kindness, and compassion. We have used these books over and over to springboard so many of our service acts. Teach kids to serve. #serviceprojects #serveothers #kindness