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Figure 7: A 10-mm diameter amelanotic plantar acral lentiginous melanoma…

Dermoscopy of early stage ALM (a,b) and melanocytic nevi (c,d). (a) Irregular diffuse pigmentation, (b) parallel ridge pattern, (c) parallel...


John Libbey Eurotext - European Journal of Dermatology - Amelanotic acral lentiginous melanoma mimicking diabetic ulcer: An entity difficult to diagnose and treat

Acral lentiginous melanoma: A brown, irregularly-shaped macular lesion of the unexposed skin that undergoes progression to nodular melanoma. It is found in patients older than 60 years, is more common in Africans and Asians, and occurs on areas of the body lacking hair, such as the soles, palms, fingers, subungual and periungual areas, and muscosal surfaces. #dermatology #beintheknow #skin *Information thanks to AAD


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