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The *Official AndreasCY*: 7 Useful Pieces of Advice for Accounting Students


As an Accounting student, this is all too familiar.

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Accounting students


Social mobility cannot be helped by higher tuition fees

Accounting students may be recruited by employers direct from the sixth form

LOLL story of my life. Accounting students? This haunts you all!!


Accounting student claims he was paid 47 CENTS per hour at 7-Eleven

Accounting student claims he was paid 47 CENTS per hour at

Accounting Student to Professional: How to Make a Successful Transition

Early exposure to the CPA Exam is important for students to build confidence and successfully pass as first-time takers. See one student's perspective on how these resources in the classroom can prepare accounting students to become better CPAs.


The Statement of Cash Flows is unmistakably the most difficult of the financial statements to prepare. With three sections, operating activities, investing activities, and financing activities, students often find the statement of cash flows to be a bit challenging to master. In financial accounting, students first have to assimilate to the idea...