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[ fc: acacia brinley clark ] "hey, i'm brinley. i'm 18 years old and single, but a flirt." i wink. "i'm a model and youtuber. hayden, luke, and xander are my siblings. i like partying, shopping, and filming. i'm sassy yet sweet. introduce?"


[FC Acacia Clark] Hey I'm Elliotte, but most people call me Elle. I'm the daughter of George of the Jungle and Ursula Stanhope, and I'm 17. I love animals, and I'm a bit of a troublemaker and a little bit of a flirt. ;) Introduce?


"hiya I'm Mira. I'm 15 and I'm a huge flirt and I love cuddles." I giggle and smirk largely. "and I kinda like a guy..." I giggle. [ fc::Acacia Brinley Clark. ]