Kaiyu Huang-Tattoo-Ink-InkObserver-Abstract-Minimalism-Geometric-Brooklyn / NYC-USA 5

Kaiyu Huang is an artist based in New York and studies at Parsons School of Design. His tattooing style is minimalistic.

40 Mind Blow Abstract Tattoos | Cuded

60 Mind Blow Abstract Tattoos

The beauty and the confusion of abstract art and thereby abstract tattoo designs comes from the premise that the same thing means something different to different people. But we have already established that if you are going for an abstract t

Abstract floral back piece by Uncl Paul Knows

100+ Tattoo Designs Women Just Can't Resist

17 minimally abstract tattoos that can be your little secret

17 minimally abstract tattoos that can be your little secret

Incredibly Artistic Abstract Tattoo Designs (30)

40 Incredibly Artistic Abstract Tattoo Designs

Abstract Inner Arm by Gene Coffey - I couldn't pull this off but it looks pretty awesome


The Abstract Blackwork Tattoos Of Nadi.Nadi is a tattoo artist based in Seoul, South Korea, in tattoo studio Carpet Bombing Ink.

Maria Montessori once said, "Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.” Here is a beautiful example of a creation of the imaginative m

Enkel Dika's Flowing Inspiration POSTER

Flowing Inspiration by Enkel Dika. I like the small elements incorporated in the overall design. from Scarification Our bodies our ink 4671 1292 4 Ari Tattoo Inspiration Janet Klingbeil This is such an awesome design

Abstract Tattoo by Mast Cora

Impressive Abstract Tattoos by Mast Cora

Mast Cora is self-taught French graffiti and tattoo artist working in Paris at Bleu Noir parlor, specializing in abstract tattoos.