Beautiful abstract organic pattern, as pattern proves effective when done well on a book cover it is something to consider.

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Collectable Art Deco Abstract Pattern Jug by Ditmar Urbach, Czechoslavakia. Vibrantly painted in oranges, green, blue and black over a yellow body in a fabulous abstract pattern, that just screams Art Deco! The factory which made this jug has a really interesting history, in 1913, the factory was purchased by Triptis A.G and became an independent factory but was confiscated by the newly founded state of Czechoslovakia in 1919 and operated as Ditmar-Urbach, under its previous owner, Richard…

Design vector drop water or leaf logo element. Colorful abstract pattern, icon set. by skyboysv, via Shutterstock

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J Crew Collector Black White Gray Tee Abstract pattern J Crew Collector Tee. Black, gray, and white front with a solid gray back. Measures about 25 1/2" from shoulder to hem and 20 1/2" across the chest when flat. Cotton Poly blend. Size Small. JCF. Trades PP. J.Crew Factory Tops Tees - Short Sleeve

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