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Abraham In The Bible

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NIV, QuickView Bible, Hardcover

Examples of Abraham's Faith in Scripture... Love the beautiful graphics in the Quickview Bible!


Lineage from Abraham to Jesus chart..Abraham, whose birth name was Abram, was renamed by God (Genesis 17:1-5). He left his home in Ur of the Chaldees to live in Haran, but soon moved from there to live in the land of Canaan. He is considered the 'father' of those faithful (Romans 4:16). Bible Study


God made Adam bit Noah arked Abraham split Joseph ruled Jacob fooled Bush talked Moses balked Pharaoh plagued People walked Sea divided Tablets guided Promise landed Saul freaked David peeked Prophets warned Jesus born God walked Love talked Anger crucified Hope died Love rose Spirit flamed Word spread God remained.

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Respecting the Rights of Others {Genesis 13

Use simple objects such as socks and cookies to teach children about respecting the rights of others. What does the Bible say about our rights? {Growing in Godliness Series} ~


The Story Of Abraham and Isaac Sunday School Printable Crossword ... Did you know that the Genesis story of Abraham and Isaac is one of the outstanding internal proofs that the Bible has been given to us by God? It is well established that this story was in the hands of the Jews long before the time of Jesus Christ – and yet it contains undeniable evidence that all that happened to Jesus was predicted in this story long ago.


God's promise to Abraham----stars to make---I love that each one is unique, just like people!


The Amorites were descendants of Canaan: Gen. 10:15-16; 1 Chron 1:13-14. At the time of Abraham 2000BC, the Amorites lived in Hazazon-tamar Genesis 14:7 (which is also known as Engedi: 2 Chron 20:2. Engedi is a large active oasis on the western shore of the Dead Sea directly across from the Arnon River. The Amorites were likely the largest of the 7 nations that God displaced for Israel out of Canaan. Gen 15:16; "


Bible Teachings - This Timeline Chart of the generations of the faithful to God from Adam to Abraham shows the chronology of the first 20 generations of the Patriarchs of the Bible. The Lifespan of the Biblical Patriarchs before the flood was considerably longer than that of those after the flood -

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The "Jesus Storybook Bible" Hands-On Activities

One activity for every story in the awesome "Jesus Storybook Bible". There's crafts, pretend play, object lessons, even science experiments; all meant to bring the pages of the Bible to life!

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Sarah – Gentle and Quiet Spirit

He gave them new names, Abraham and Sarah, and they did have a son as promised, Isaac. Description from I searched for this on