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The faded crest can be seen quite clearly - it must be terrible to be ready to go into battle and then find your crest is fading... dark line above the crest is a mark on the bag.

A ROMAN GOLD FINGER RING CIRCA 2ND CENTURY A.D. Solid cast with a wide flat hoop, ridged on the exterior, the ridges rising up in three flutes on the shoulders, the elongated oval bezel engraved with a lion walking to the left, a crescent moon and two stars above, the device encircled by a line border

from the Guardian

Starling murmuration season - in pictures

A murmuration of starlings above the the small village of Rigg, near Gretna, in the Scottish Borders by Owen Humphreys


World coins - Indian Rupee Silver coin issued by Muhammad Ali Shah, King of Awadh, Mint Year 1838 (Reign Year 3). Obverse: Crown above fish, supported by two figures, which are shouldering scepters. Legends around. Reverse: Legends in three lines with date (AH 1256) in the middle.


Gaul, Parisii - Ancient Celtic Coins - CELTIC, Gaul. The Parisii. ca 70-60 BC. AV Stater. Class V. Stylized head of Apollo right; double volute before, club under chin, zig-zag line with pellets below / Bridled horse galloping left; ornate wing above, rosette below. (