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Books About Asia For Kids

Books About Asia For Kids. From No Time for Flash Cards. Wish there was a book from Vietnam on the list, but these look fun and interesting!


Welcome to the Our Asian Stories website, an initiative of the NSW Department of Education and Communities. The site aims to support primary and secondary teachers in: •understanding the importance of teaching about Asia •developing the skills required to successfully interact with people from other cultures •infusing studies of Asia across the curriculum •teaching the languages of China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Korea.


Extensive website containing lesson plans on Japan from the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia at Ohio State University.


Asia Unit (Geography) South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia *Unit Bundle

Ready to Teach Your Students About Asia? Stop By and See Our Asia Unit Bundle, Packed with the Materials You Need to Make Your Lessons Fun, Engaging and Worthwhile for Your Class! Best for Grades 9-12.


Where will you go today? Students discover what is unique about each continent through colorful images and fascinating facts. Learn about the geography, climate, culture, resources, animals, and famous landmarks. They're so attractive; you'll want to keep them up as a permanent classroom decoration! This set features: Antarctica Africa Asia Australia Europe North America South America ©2009 Teacher's Discovery. 17 x 22 inches each, laminated. Middle/high school. Includes a f...