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ABC7 found that Home Chef is more affordable than shopping the same ingredients at a supermarket. Not only do our meal kits save you time, they can save you over $20 per entrée. Click here to see ABC7's news segment on us and get $30 off your first order when you try Home Chef today!


Darrell stays connected with his television roots. An editor for 20 years with ABC7 News in San Franciso, he has also worked for CBS, NBC, and CNBC. He has contributed to Nightline, World News Tonight, Eye on America and Good Morning America.

"Manhood 101 helping to curb Chicago violence" Alumnus Richard Brown BS '08, MAOL '10 was featured on ABC7 News #LewisU #LewisUAchieve

The ABC7 News I-Team has been looking into how a 66-year-old man may be connected to 'The Gypsy Hill Murders' in 1976.

ABC7 News Coverage of Glyphosate in Wine - Published on Apr 28, 2016 Dan Noyes investigates the Moms Across America report showing all ten wines tested positive for glyphosate/Roundup weedkiller. Interviewed: scientists Michael Antoniou and lab owner Bruce Hemming, a CA vinegrower, a Monsanto scientist, as well as Mom Zen Honeycutt, Exec director of Moms Across America.

ABC7 News viewers help save horses at Equine Rescue Center and ...