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"To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable." - Music quote by Aaron Copland


Aaron Copland (1900-1990) American composer, his most famous pieces being 'Appalachian Spring' and 'Fanfare for the Common Man.' Marxist? Friend of Pete Seeger's father cofounded Composers Collective

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Listening Glyph Scenes for Aaron Copland's Music

Engage and assess what your students hear in a fun, creative and artistic way as you study about (and play) the following songs written by Aaron Copland: "Buckaroo's Holiday" and "Hoedown" from Rodeo, Lincoln Portrait and Fanfare for the Common Man.Use these scenic listening glyphs to enhance for your students what Copland's music was all about.


Hey Kids, Meet Aaron Copland | Composer Biography and Music Lesson Resources -


Aaron Copland (1900–1990), was an American composer, composition teacher, writer and conductor. Instrumental in forging a distinctly American style of composition, is best known to the public for the works he wrote in a deliberately accessible style often referred to as Populist. The open, slowly changing harmonies of many of his works are archetypical of what many people consider to be the sound of American music, evoking the vast American landscape and pioneer spirit.