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You know that part in chapter 3 of A Separate Peace where Gene narrates, "For me this moment in history..." then goes on to poetically describe America during WWII? I had my students do this for our current America, and life from their point-of-view so insightful. "There are too many phones and not enough socializing" "Money is hard to get but easy to spend because everyone wants the newest and greatest" "To waste time in America is immoral"

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100 Must Read Books: The Man's Essential Library

You can try to forget so mistakes between friends, but in the end the truth needs to be talked about

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A Separate Peace CSI Crime Board

Give your novel study a fun twist and help your students analyze the text. This is a great activity to help them develop and support their ideas!

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Teach grammar and improve vocabulary while teaching A Separate Peace, by John Knowles. This is a FREE introduction to ASP.

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