why would you waste your time with a girl like me? i am not good and i will never be.

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Nope... No on would like a girl like me. That's okay! In fine with being single all my life! :) xx

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This single girl doesn't play around or play games... You like me? Then pursue me... I want a man not a boy... a man leads and pursues and a boy will only lead you on and expect you to pursue him! Either stand up and be the man a girl needs or sit down, so she can see the man behind you.

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25park Just like that age old question in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY...can a girl and guy ever really be best friends without being in love? You had me at hello ️ THAT MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION...SILLY BOYS; YOU LOVE US

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Good luck honey, I like my music loud, my cars fast, my liquor strong, and my men even stronger! You couldn't handle a girl like me!

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Another place, another time, yet still a girl, like me, with hopes, fears, and dreams.

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You only see the real me if we're close [and if people I'm not comfortable with aren't in the vicinity]. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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