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9 Planets Name

Illustration of Exoplanet Seen From Its Moon It looks like there won't be an alien planet named Heinlein any time soon. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) issued a reminder today (April 12) that it is the only body authorized to give exoplanets their official names, despite recent naming initiatives by companies like Uwingu.

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Nerd Flashcards

NERD Flashcards - Yes, I think Jax could handle these. Guaranteed to amaze and horrify other people whose babies only know lame stuff like animal names. Please note in the number flashcard deck, the #8 card has the #8 printed over the #9 intentionally to represent the controversy over Pluto losing its status as the 9th planet


This date in science: Pluto gets a name | - On May 1, 1930, 11-year-old Venetia Burney received £5 for naming Pluto, then the solar system’s outermost and newest planet.


Free Printable Worksheets for both girls. Memorizing the names of the planets in our solar system is one thing, but does your third grader know which one's next to which?

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Meet Dulcinea, Poltergeist and 29 Other Planets Just Named By Popular Vote

Earlier this year, the International Astronomical Union asked us to vote on the names for 32 exoplanets orbiting 15 stars. This could have been a trainwreck, but the planet christening actually went pretty smoothly. Now, with half a million votes tallied from 182 countries, a handful of celestial bodies have shiny new appellations.


Birthday Builder Numbers-Thank You Planet Applique for this FREE set for the next 24 hours! The name font is not included. Numbers 1-9 in 3 sizes-Be sure to get the