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poems about 9/11/2001 | In Memory of those slain on 9-11-2001 http://allpoetry.com/poem ...

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UNC 9/11 Lit Class Students Read Poems by ISIS Terrorist Not 9/11 Survivors - #OnlyTerroristLivesMatter

9/11 Keep the cross!For those wanting to remove it from the memorial ask yourselves why then did hundreds of millions look to their faith for comfort & strength when this attack on our country occurred...I dont tell you not to believe so dont dictate to others that our faith was not part of this heinous day&survival thereafter

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Ideas for teaching students about 9/11. Last year, I was shocked that most of my students didn't know why this date was important. This includes lots of kid-friendly books about the terrorist attacks, as well as discussion questions.

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