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A terrific creation by the New York Times showing the World Trade Center towers, the impact of the two planes that hit, stories from a variety of people about their escapes, and more. Description from I searched for this on

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9/11: The Photographs That Moved Them Most

We started the store front gallery for anyone who had used a camera to deal with 9/11. We were given thousands of pictures, which we hung on clothes lines and sold digital prints of, donating the money to the Childrens Aid Society. There are many images that stick in my mind. The planes, individual faces, the ash, the ruins, and then the bodies falling from the tower (David Surowiecki's photograph)—the horror of those realities, conveyed in picture after picture, is profound and moves me…

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God bless their souls. These people waited for rescue while the towers burned. Some 200 were either pushed out of the windows by people in the offices leaning out of them trying to get fresh air. Others may have even became disoriented by the smoke and lost their footing and fell to their deaths. Can't forget this. 9/11/01

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