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How to Build a Small Greenhouse

Good to start seeds or small vegetables. it's really fast and easy to built, and super economic and ecologic, I made mine all out of scraps and in little more than an hour.

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How To Build A Transportable Pontoon Raft Out Of Old Pallets And 55 Gallon Plastic Drums

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Raised Planter Stand from Plastic Drums (Tutorial)

Materials: (3) 55 gallon juice drum 2×4 pressure treated lumber Tools: Hand Saw Measuring Tape Clamps Straight Edge (square) Wood Glue Hammer Chisel Screws Power Drill/Driver Build The Assemblies You’ll need four assemblies for three drums. Begin by building the four support assemblies that will …

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Build a Tumbling Composter

One of the keys to composting is aeration. The bacteria need oxygen to carry out the aerobic respiration that creates rich compost. One way to aerate your compost is with a pitchfork or a compost turning tool. If you keep your compost in...

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Plastic Barrel Train Is Fun For The Whole Family

How much fun can the kids have being pulled around behind the Tractor or a Quad Bike. You will love to make this Train that’s made from Plastic Barrels!

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Make Your Own Gray Water Dry Well 55-Gallon Drum Read more :

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Plastic barrels are versatile items that can be used on the homestead in many ways. Here are a variety of projects to make with 55 gallon plastic barrels.

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The photo’s below were found on the Internet and from people that have made 55 gallon pastic barrel into useful weekend awesome DIY Projects for the Homestead! 1. Garden Barrel – These…

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