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50p worth money

Private Officer Breaking News: Ohio teen accused of attacking Target loss prevention agent A 16-year-old Cleveland Heights boy walked away from his mother about 7:50 p.m. and stole two pairs of headphones, worth about $50, according to reports. He ripped the headphones from the package and stuffed them into his pockets. The boy became angry and told the security guard that he was leaving with the headphones. The 16-year-old attacked the guard as he tried to place handcuffs on the boy.

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How to win at life.

KEDC Youth CareerConnect Grant - Career Infographics

"In the end, we only regret chances we didn't take, the relationships we were scared to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make." ☆☆☆ There comes a time in your life when you realize who matters, who doesn't, who never did, and who always will.


Penguin scraps degree requirement

Publisher Penguin Random House says job applicants will no longer be required to have a university degree.Penguin


If Your Boss Could Do Your Job, You’re More Likely to Be Happy at Work

If Your Boss Could Do Your Job, You’re More Likely to Be Happy at Work 💁

75+ Paid Writing Opportunities

Becoming a freelance writer is a great way to make money from home. This post shows you over 67 writing opportunities to get paid working at home doing freelance writing.