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five point scale printable | Incredible 5 point scale - Sticking My Neck Out For Students

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The Incredible 5 point scale for Anger The Incredible 5 point scale was developed by Kari Dunn Buron - I drew my own pictures for these

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5 point scale. I like the "adult makes a choice for me" addition at the higher levels.

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Free! 5 Point Scale Template - Editable More More

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5 point feeling scale. Doesn't lead to a website for anything but I like the pictures.

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5 Point Scale, behavior and emotion tracking for students with autism

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This product is a frustration scale, based on the 5 Point Scale system, which uses the characters from the popular movie Inside Out. Teachers can use this frustration scale to help teach their students how to identify their current emotions starting with joy and increasing by severity all the way up to anger.

Minecraft 5 Point Scale – Self Regulation for Kids – free printable and customize


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The Incredible 5-point Scale (increase self-regulation/lessen outbursts): a method to teach social understanding and self-regulation. Students are taught to identify each level of the 5-point scale....

5-Point Scale for students with autism - free download!

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