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4 Chan , We raid #children and the #mentally #retarded

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Những người bạn của Sky+: Video chú chó Nga thay thế "người hùng 4 chân" của...

4 Chan / B / Interner superheroes

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claudiastilinskis: newerleaf: toast-er: whovianhetakuketchum: im-just-a-lucky-boy: forksenpai: thewitchmaker: fish-everywhere: multidimensionaljusticekeepers: ask-gallows-callibrator: noblepunk: ask-gallows-callibrator: ask-gallows-callibrator: noblepunk: caniners seal-puppy this is not my screenshot but yeah okay what the actual fuck we need to start calling the fucking cops or something this little frenzy of theirs is going too far GUYS, WE NEED TO FUCKING SIGNAL BOOST THIS AND GET THIS…

Watch How A 4chan Hoax Happens

UPDATE: 4chan is currently planning to DDOS BuzzFeed as a result of this article (meaning they're trying to overload the site with requests and effectively shut us down). | Watch How A 4chan Hoax Happens