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Birth: Jan. 19, 1942 Saginaw Saginaw County Michigan, USA Death: Dec. 12, 2009 Saginaw Saginaw County Michigan, USA Folk Figure. He is credited with designing the current 50-star American flag, which was chosen by Congress as the official national flag of the United States on July 4, 1960. Heft's design was part of a high school class project, beginning in 1958, to replace the 48-star flag in anticipation of statehood for the territories of Alaska and Hawaii.

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48 American Flags That Came Before Today's Stars and Stripes

Early flags for the United States of America. Even Betsy Ross's flag wasn't the first. Very interesting!

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UX317 - UX336 / 20c Stars and Stripes - Historic American Flags Set of 20 Fleetwood 2000 Postal Card First Day Covers

Set Includes: UX317 Sons of Liberty Flag / UX318 New England Flag / UX319 Forster Flag / UX320 Continental Colors / UX321 Francis Hopkinson Flag / UX322 Brandywine Flag / UX323 John Paul Jones Flag / UX324 Pierre L'Enfant Flag / UX325 Peace Flag / UX326 Easton Flag / UX327 Star-Spangled Banner / UX328 Bennington Flag / UX329 Great Star Flag / UX330 29 - Star Flag / UX331 Fort Sumter Flag / UX332 Centennial Flag / UX333 38 - Star Flag / UX334 Indian Peace Flag / UX335 48 - Star Flag and UX336…

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Memorial Day Flag Cookie Platter

Simple cookies arranged on a platter to look like the flag. What a great idea.


WWI Patriotic Home Front Photo With Women and 48 Star Flags


Battle flag of the19th South Carolina infantry regiment . The flag is one of just six known examples of “Macon Arsenal” banners, produced in Macon, GA. The wool flag is approximately 48 inches by 52 inches. Macon Arsenal flags are distinctive because the white Cross of St. Andrew extends through the center, isolating the banner’s center star.Unlike most South Carolina regiments, the 19th South Carolina spent the majority of the war fighting in the west, and was attached to the Army of…

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10 Ways to Display Antique American Flags In Your Home

A custom-framed, 48-star American flag takes center stage in the dining area of this ranch-style California home. See more of this home on A Beautiful Mess.