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DIY Black Pipe Console Table:) This is the "Stand" we have decided to make to hold Our 40 Gallon Aquarium:) We will make it a bit Wider though to fit the Tank. Our Home is Decorated in "Industrial" Style so This will be a Beautiful Addition:) Excited to get it Done!


brad908 Congratulations to community member brad908 and his 40 gallon reef aquarium for being selected for our November Reef Profile! This all natural nano reef aquarium recreates a shallow coastal mangrove and macro algae biotope, compl...


My new setup... 55 gallon stand, 29 gallon aquarium up top, along with my lizard beside it... Then my beta bowl on the bottom left corner next to my 40 gallon turtle tank... Pretty impressive I think... But having that instead of my vanity makes my room look... Wider :D


Marina 1.77 Gallon Cool Seven Goldfish Aquarium Kit