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Top 10 DIY Fun And Useful PVC Pipe Crafts

DIY Toddler Chairs -- this would be great for movie night! {Made out of PVC Pipe} Tutorial - 8 elbow pieces, 6 T-shaped pieces, 1 length of 3/4" PVC Pipe. kids put these together. Autumn Bennet or Matt good idea for camp.Have the kids make their own chair :)


Simple PVC table made from 1-1/4" PVC pipe, a 1-1/4" 5-Way Connector and a 18" wooden round.


Pvc pipe nerf gun holder ! Bought: 2 , 3/4 pvc pipes, (16ft I think) 16 T fittings 16 caps cut : 16 pieces 8in long 16 pieces 4in long put them together and POW ! Spray paint them black, bought some brackets and thats it ! Took about 3 hours from start to finish and around $14 to complete!


Fountain made by pouring concrete into 4" PVC pipes with thin copper pipe for water, Debora Carl


Chicken feeder made from 4" PVC pipe.


I've been experimenting for the past 18-months w/3/4" PVC pipes as construction for outdoor features, such as tents or canopies. Until Hurricane Matthew, the construction just had joint dislocation. Hurricane Matthew totally collapsed the construction, made of the 3/4 inch PVC pipe, fiberglass screen, and burlap outer or inner coverings. 757-Area code CONTRACTORS for PVC exterior erections -, #PhoebusVA

Home made flag pole stand. Great for Cub Scouts. Easy to make. 2x6x8 piece of wood and a 12 inch piece of 1 1/4 PVC pipe used as pole holder. Cut each piece 12 inches long. Sand and paint. Use 3 inch screws to hold together. Takes longer for paint to dry then it does to make flag stand. Wolf elective practice Flag Ceremony at every Den Meeting.


DIY backdrop stand. I saw many pins on how to so this & wanted to share my story. It's true, PVC materials were only $12. Supply list: (3) 3/4" 10ft PVC poles (4) 3/4" PVC T joints (2) 3/4" PVC L joints (4) 3/4" PVC end caps I bought this all at Home Depot. The other part to story is the tool needed to cut PVC pipe, Ratcheting PVC Cutter (cost $11.98). In all $25 & only takes 30min to complete. Plus I have two extra 2ft poles to make a 5ft high backdrop vs the 6ft high backdrop shown.